About Me

Hello! My name is Hailey Lyons and I am currently a senior at the Ilead Academy. My mother is a director at PJ's College of Cosmetology and my dad is self-employed. I have one little brother, Ty, who is now a freshman in High School. Me and my family have lived in Henry County since my parents were kids. Although I am still slightly undecided about my major, my interests in website deign, event planning, leadership, and management are pointing me toward business. It has always been a dream to own and operate my own business. During my free-time I am usually working as a waitress at the small, family owned restaurant Our Best in Smithfield, KY. When i'm not at work, I am usually baking a dessert I found off Pinterest or binge watching baking and home renovation tv-shows. 

iLEAD Academy & JCTC

Why did I choose to attend the iLEAD Academy instead of traditional high school?

When 8th grade year started coming to an end a new school was introduced. iLEAD Academy was presented to be a career based academy that would help students get a head start on life after high school and college. After shadowing and gaining more information on the academy I decided to apply. In June 2016 my mother received a phone call informing her that her daughter, me, was accepted into the academy. Most people question why I would give up the best four years of my life to attend this academy? This academy has taught me a variety of life lessons crucial to surviving life. It is also allowing me to graduate from high school with an Associates degree, which is not common for most high school students. iLEAD has opened so many doors for me, and through this I have been able to figure out what exactly I want to do with my life. Not only has iLEAD helped me with my education and career readiness but it has also given me a new family. Five school districts, Henry, Gallatin, Owen, Carroll, and Trimble attend this academy and therefore I have met so many new people and gained so many more friends.

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